Frequently asked questions

Can i get a quote for my jewelry items?

Yes, you can. You can send us a free trial request to get personalized quote. Feel free to leave a comment with requirements or other important information.

How can i send images for jewelry photo editing?

You can send images to us for processing via email or using any file transfer service you are comfortable with such as weTransfer.com.

What types of files do you accept for processing?

We accept any file types you may have. Raw formats, JPEG, TIF, PSD... Any existing image files can be processed.

What type of file will i get in return?

It depends on your requirements and purpose you need your jewelry images for. JPEGs are good for web, TIFFs, PSDs are used for printing jobs. We can return retouched images in any format you require. Contact us if you are not sure what format will suit your needs.

How fast will my images be edited?

Most of the regular jobs we complete within 24 hours. However large jobs can take longer to process. We do not charge extra for urgent jobs. We always try to completed editing process as soon as possible.

How can I pay for the jobs done?

After job is complete and you are satisfied, we send PayPal invoice so you can pay. For recurrent customers we can combine orders in one invoice for a period of time (weekly, monthly)

Do you have support or customer service?

Yes, You can send your quastions to contact@productretouch.com and our representative will answer all your questions.